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Anna explained to me, her mother always used pesticide and chemical sprays (mosquito, ants, etc.) around the house and her.

Anna hated this.

When she was about 7 years old, her mother once more sprayed right on to her, she can remember that at this moment her throat started to burn, she ran outside crying.

That was the moment when she lost her sense of smelling.

As she was listening to the KORR file, that same sense of burning throat returned, she did not have this since even when she was thinking about the “moment”.

She also had a little bit of “dizziness” after listening to the KORR File which went away within 30 minutes.



Hi Peter,

I’ve been doing a bit of a smell diary so here is what has happened so far:


Had treatment from Peter.

Experienced headache, nausea, increased heart rate, burning in nostrils and all down the oesophagus during the treatment – all the same symptoms as when the traumatic event took place.

Left the treatment with headache & light-headedness.


Woke up with really sore throat.


Work up again with sore throat.


Kissed partner in the evening and tasted ash taste from his cigarette breath – first time in 2.5 years.


Smelt menthol smell in the evening (I was lying on couch near clean washing – thought it may be that), asked my partner if he could smell it and he asked me if I had brushed my teeth recently which I had and had totally forgotten about and he said he could smell it on my breath – I had no idea I could smell my own breath just by talking!


Tried smelling smoked garlic – just irritated my nose – not sure if that was the smell of garlic and I just can’t relate it yet or not.

I will keep you updated

Kind regards,


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